Sunday, September 2, 2007

Twisted Tampons and other tales

Hmmmmmm ... almost a month since my last update here. Will try to be more regular although I do have a hectic life (hehehehe) so bugger it, I will just post when I can.

Weight: Since I last weighed in (before the ball) I have not lost any more weight however I haven't gained any either. I haven't been so strict about my diet or exercise however I have been feeling heaps better than I used to and try to do something active every day. For example in the last week I have:
  • Monday - Bellyfunk
  • Tuesday - Karate
  • Wednesday - Treadmill
  • Thursday - housework
  • Friday - Karate
  • Saturday - Gardening
  • Sunday - Gardening

Karate: On Friday I received my yellow tips. This doesn't mean I can actually do anything right in class ... it is just to encourage me to come back.

Photos: Mum's photos ... I have been trying to scan, sort and date these for ages now. I have set myself a goal of doing at least 25 per day and hopefully this should get me finished by Xmas.

Housework: Don't fall off your chair but I have actually been doing housework! I have been doing a little bit each day and then trying to maintain what I have done and expand out even further. I don't think it will ever be like a Home Beautiful house but I hope that one day everything will have a place and I will no longer just be moving things around in an attempt to make it look like I have achieved something. Maybe I need to stop hoarding things?

Making Stuff: I have been able to have some fun working on ATC's and hanging out with Di trying out new products and techniques.

Twisted Tampons: Planned on having a big rant here but am way too tired so going to bed.


Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hopeless Romantic

Friday 27th June Dear Heart and I went to the ball and had a wonderful time. Must have been a little drunk because I happily and voluntarily got up and danced. Lost my necklace which was a bit of a bummer.

Decided to pin curl my hair for the ball and this picture is of my hair half uncurled before making a mad dash for the bus. We went to the ball in style (hahahaha). Dear Heart and I spent the trip trying to undo curls and get my hair into some semblance of order. All done minutes before we jumped off the bus at the ball.

I have been in such a great mood that it was a big surprise when I crashed this week. Dear Heart and The Princess have had the flu and I think I got a little of that and a little of the blues. Only ended up working 2 days this week. Spent most of Thursday in bed crying. Crazy I know. I am now on the improve and can face life and its challenges head on.

I have come to the conclusion that one of my problems is that I am a hopeless romantic and well sometimes reality doesn't shape up the way I would like it to. Then it thuds home that I am one of the luckiest girls in the world and romance isn't hearts and flowers and all that mushy stuff that the first flush of love and lust provide.

Romance is letting me sleep late on a Sunday or remembering to tape my favourite TV show. It is the timely touch or the smile at a secret joke that has been shared for nearly a decade. Romance is seeing me at my worst and still having the courage to stand by me. Romance is what I have every day of my life. Soon I will crawl into bed and lie beside my Dear Heart ... he will roll over, snuggle up to me, throw an arm over me, kiss me and fall peacefully asleep. Safe, secure and loved. Happy romantic me.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lazy Sunday

I love nothing better than a lazy Sunday and that is exactly what I have had today. No exercise, no housework and no worries.

Just a quick round up of the week as I am tired and want to go to bed.

  • Belly Funk - learning sexy walk and bum pop ... unfortunately I look like an hilarious floundering whale ... not sooooo sexy!
  • Good Deed of the Week - drove a stranded motorbike boy to the airport so he wouldn't miss his flight to King Island.
  • Karate - I am not very coordinated and spent most of the class laughing and 3 steps behind everyone else.
  • Reading - Me and Mr Darcy by Alexandra Potter
  • ATC's - Finished N103 in my Nudes series (pictured far right), completed some for a forum swap themed "homemade embellishment" and finished another called Triangular Man (pictured)
  • Weight Loss - nil ... hot chips and chocolate called to me this week and I indulged them. Really need to stay focused this week and exercise more.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Sex Talk .... aaaarrrggghhhhhh

Who would have thought I would have to have "the sex talk" when Princess Ruby is only 6!

After the ultrasound that confirmed the we were indeed having a Princess, Dear Heart was jubilent because he wouldn't have to play footy with her. My heart sunk at the thought of being the one to give the sex talk, my only relief was that it wouldn't be for at least a decade. How wrong was I?

Dear Heart and I have always believed that it was important that Princess Ruby knew the proper words for body parts and even though this has caused some strife over the years ... police on the doorstep ... we have made sure that we stuck to our guns.

Over the years the questions asked have been relatively simple to answer. My friend Janelle had given me a great picture book called "Hair in funny places" that has dealt with many of the earlier questions. However a new awareness has dawned on our little one this year and the questions have become more complex.

For example:
  • what is sex?
  • how does the baby come out of the vagina when the vagina is so small?
  • do tampons go in your anus?

Obviously her little ears have heard the word sex mentioned and wanted to know what it was. I really did try to explain it in a simple 6 year old way however her best friend had been a little more graphic than I so more questions arrived. I was fairly lucky to find another picture pop up book that uses the same words as we do that explained in a little more detail. At the end of that discussion her questions were:
  • how does the penis get into the vagina when it is so floppy?
  • does it hurt?

So if you haven't had to give the sex talk yet think yourself lucky and be prepared!

My Weight Loss Bible

This book .... given to me a few years ago by Dear Heart ... has been an inspiration.
However it must be noted that although I have had it for some time it wasn't until a month ago that I really decided to do something about my fat bum and wobbly bits.
So go ahead and read the book however I think you also have to be mentally ready to want to change your life. Maybe this book will give you the confidence you need to tackle your fat bum.

Weighing in ...

I was really nervous about today's weigh in because I know that I have not been as good as I should. A few too many chocolate flavoured things passed my lips this week and I didn't exercise as much ... felt tired. Upon going through my food journal to make notes for the week and set goals for next week I found that I have had very little meat this week and for an iron deficient person that is not a good thing. I don't really like meat but as I don't eat a lot of other iron rich food I have to eat it.

So how did I go this week?
  • Since my last weigh in 2 weeks ago I have lost another 4 kgs.
  • To date I have lost 11 kgs!
  • My ball gown does all the way up and doesn't feel so tight that it hurts to breath.
  • My Body Mass Index (BMI) was 32 when I started and is now at 28.
  • The healthy range for my height is between 20 - 25.
  • Overall my measurements are reducing or remaining the same ... only my thighs have increased but they feel like muscle now ... not so flabby.
  • Neck reduced by 2 cm
  • Hips reduced by 5 cm
  • Bust and just under my bust have both reduced by 3 cm

Goals for the week ahead:

  • Count calories as I go
  • Reduce chocolate snacks
  • Stretch
  • Start doing sit ups to target tummy muscles

I should be more active in the coming weeks as Princess Ruby is back at school on Monday so I will need to start getting up earlier (aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!) and be a little more organised to run her to her activities. Belly Dancing starts again on Monday so that should get my tummy working hard.

Overall I am very proud of what I have achieved in the last 4 weeks. I am such a goddess in the making!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Karate Kids - The first lesson

We survived! Actually it was a lot of fun, although my arms are a little sore, and the hour and a half just flew by. Not sure how I will pull up tomorrow though. Looking forward to class next week. This getting fit and healthy thing may turn out to be a lot of fun.

Monday, July 9, 2007

A Weighty Issue

I live in this body and use it the best I can but I often forget to look after it. So when I see a picture of myself like this one it comes as a big shock. This picture was taken on June 10th at my Mum's 70th Birthday celebrations and I am horrified at how fat I am now!

So even though I have known for a while that I need to get fitter and healthier I am now really doing something about it.

I have started watching what I eat and trying to keep my daily food intake between 1200 and 1400 calories and no more than 40 grams of fat. I have given up full strength coke and no longer eat chocolate constantly.

I have started working out on a treadmill and although I am still at a walk it is a fast one ... I am hoping to start running soon.

So far I have lost 7kgs! Last week I got a little cocky and stopped counting calories and ate a bit more crap food. Needless to say I don't think I reduced my girth and I refused to get on the scales to confirm this. Back on track this week and hopefully when I weigh in on Sunday I will be that little bit closer to my healthy body goal.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Karate Kids

OMG! Princess Ruby, Dear Heart and I joined a karate club last night. We have a four month trial and are expecting to have our yellow belts by the end of this time .... hopefully.
Why did we do this?
We have been talking about doing a fitness class that we could do as a family for years and always leaned towards a martial art. Dear Heart used to do a form of karate and Princess Ruby tried it out for 4 weeks at an Active After Schools program and loved it. So when the opportunity dropped in our laps we decided to jump right in.
Our first class is on Friday 13th ... thank goodness we are not a superstitious lot.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Hello and welcome ... I hope you enjoy your visit.

I know that there is nothing here at the moment however if you pop back I will be adding things soonish.

Princess Ruby and I have to go swimming now however I am hoping that I can get to play a bit later .... but what to add?