Sunday, September 2, 2007

Twisted Tampons and other tales

Hmmmmmm ... almost a month since my last update here. Will try to be more regular although I do have a hectic life (hehehehe) so bugger it, I will just post when I can.

Weight: Since I last weighed in (before the ball) I have not lost any more weight however I haven't gained any either. I haven't been so strict about my diet or exercise however I have been feeling heaps better than I used to and try to do something active every day. For example in the last week I have:
  • Monday - Bellyfunk
  • Tuesday - Karate
  • Wednesday - Treadmill
  • Thursday - housework
  • Friday - Karate
  • Saturday - Gardening
  • Sunday - Gardening

Karate: On Friday I received my yellow tips. This doesn't mean I can actually do anything right in class ... it is just to encourage me to come back.

Photos: Mum's photos ... I have been trying to scan, sort and date these for ages now. I have set myself a goal of doing at least 25 per day and hopefully this should get me finished by Xmas.

Housework: Don't fall off your chair but I have actually been doing housework! I have been doing a little bit each day and then trying to maintain what I have done and expand out even further. I don't think it will ever be like a Home Beautiful house but I hope that one day everything will have a place and I will no longer just be moving things around in an attempt to make it look like I have achieved something. Maybe I need to stop hoarding things?

Making Stuff: I have been able to have some fun working on ATC's and hanging out with Di trying out new products and techniques.

Twisted Tampons: Planned on having a big rant here but am way too tired so going to bed.