Sunday, April 27, 2008


I told you I couldn't give her away so I had to make her twin this week. She is just a little different than her sister - I couldn't dress them exactly the same now could I? She is all packaged up in an envelope and will go winging her way to My Queen tomorrow.
Have I ever mentioned that My Queen is an incredibly amazing and creative woman? Take it from me she is!
I have had the laziest day today ... Princess Ruby and I have spent the day snuggled up reading the first Harry Potter book ... she has been my Saturday night date for the last four weeks while watching the movies on TV - I only fell asleep once (blush). And now she is in the bath and Dear Heart is cooking dinner - if only I didn't have to do any ironing I'd be in heaven.
I have completed my Stamped Image and my Postage People ATC's however I won't be giving a sneak peak of these because they aren't due to be swapped out until May and June respectively and I wouldn't want My Queen to behead me! The next theme is something arty and I am struggling with that. A theme for another group (mostly located in the USA) is "Woman in the Moon" and I've had an idea for that so may work on that this week and leave the arty theme for later. Also pondering on how to alter some ATC's I made that I'm not totally happy with ... hmmmmm.
And my final comment - what on earth am I going to do with my life? Feel so adrift and lost at the moment.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Magnet Mayhem

I've been very slack work wise this week so have had a lot of time to play in my not-so-secret-room. Mental health has been a bit wonky ... doing ok now I think.
This lovely lady was created for a "magnet swap" due next month - I like her soooo much that I'm not sure I want to give her away. I may have to make her a twin or come up with another idea all together.
Sometimes the ideas flow and everything comes together beautifully ... a lot of the time I struggle and am not always happy with the end result. If asked I usually comment that I make stuff however my Dear Heart has started to correct me ... I don't make stuff I create art! Knew there was a reason I loved him.
Back to work tomorrow so off to do some more creating before then ... oh and I need to look up postage people on google.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finally an update!

It has been 6 months since my last posting ... why? ... I'm slack. It really is that simple. I'm not going to bore you with a rundown of what has been happening in the last 6 months ... wiping the slate clean and starting again from here.

Lately I have been doing some Altered Art swaps as well as the usual ATC swaps that I love. I get really nervous when I do these because I do not feel very confident about most things ... especially creating something for someone else.

Will there ever come a time when I actually feel like a grown up?

So here are some pics of what I have made:

Little Houses ... these are lots of fun to make

Altered Keys ... pics show both sides

and finally a canvas I finished last week that I love and am a little spewing that I have to send it away to someone else ... Lucky Fran I say! So Ruby and I are having a workshop today where I am teaching her how to create the background and then she will make her own mermaid and I will make another one to keep.

I'm really enjoying creating things and learning so much along the way.

Still not enjoying housework ... sigh