Friday, July 10, 2009

Worth the hard work

Today I received my grades for first semester at uni and I am pleased to announce that I received straight HD's (High Distinction) for everything WOO HOO.

It has been a little hectic on the holidays but I have been a little creative. I made these Inchie Cubes for a swap ... I hope Fran likes hers.

I also made a Lady of the Month ATC for Luscious Lucy which she called "extremely interesting" so I''m assuming she liked it ... hahahahahaha

I'm really loving using these colours!
Gotta go and finish cleaning up some crap that has been hanging around way too long. Promise to update again soon.


Lucy said...

Luscious Lucy loved your ATC, the colours were soooooo earthy!!
Pleased to see you creating again.
Hugs Lucy

Queen Of Toys said...

Hey Lizzie congratulations on being an official smart ar.e
you fill in the blanks. Also love your work, love the colours and that eye is brilliant.

Hugs HRH

brenda grace said...

A bigger "woooo hooooo" and high 5 from me! All HD's your my legend! Well done and great to see you straight into the creative stuff as well. My mind boggles how you do it all. Bxxx

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