Monday, June 13, 2011


I love creating Zentangles. Some work really well like this Tangled Mountain ATC

others are less appealing like this Tangled Floor ATC.

I have recently stumbled across this great Zentangle site called it is full of images and instructions. Just the thing to get your creative juices flowing.


There is a lighthouse themed swap on ATC_fun that I thought I'd try - lighthouses can't be that hard can they? Yes, they can. After much playing around I created the following ATC. It is meant to be Point Lonsdale Lighthouse in Victoria, Australia. I tried doing it in pencil first and proved my point that I have a lot to learn about creating with pencils so I switched to copic markers and was much happier with the result.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Creating again ... YAY

Ok so it has been forever since I updated this blog but now that I am creating again it seems like the right time to jump back on the blogging bandwagon.

I've decided to try and learn to draw - not so hot with pencils, can't seem to blend them very well so have started to use copic markers and LOVE them, bummer they are so expensive.

ATC's are the right size for me as I don't get too stressed by a big blank page/canvas. I have rejoined ATC trading groups and am going to set up a workshop at school for the kids and teachers to make ATC's.

Here are my latest ATC's:

Hand drawn fish ...

Hand drawn frogs ... can you guess which one has the wonky eye?